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Define Our Journey

When you join the NortonLifeLock team, you become part of a dynamic, supportive culture. We live by some core values, values that celebrate diversity, promote teamwork, and encourage every team member to contribute and grow.

Here’s what each of us believes in:

Think Customer
Listen, Learn Delight

Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and we work as one team to protect our customers like no one else can.

Dream It
Bold, Brave, and Agile

We foster creativity and embrace diverse points of view. That means we love to color outside the lines, and we know how to learn from our mistakes.

Own It
Open, Honest, Direct

NortonLifeLock employees set the bar high, and we deliver what we promise.

Get After It
Fast, Intentional, and Focused

Every NortonLifeLock employee is part of a team. That means we work together, win together, and accept nothing but the best.

Stand Together
Strong, Diverse, Passionate

We leverage our collective strengths, and we work together to help our employees and communities prosper.

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Delivering an outstanding employee experience is a priority at NortonLifeLock. That’s why we offer a variety of programs to help employees connect with each other, build their skills, and have some fun while doing it.


We keep it simple at NortonLifeLock: When you do outstanding work, you earn more money—whether it’s through an incentive program that directly rewards top performers or a special WOW recognition program where above and beyond performance is celebrated.


Keeping the world’s information safe is exciting and satisfying, but so is life outside the office. Our comprehensive health and wellbeing offerings are designed to take care of you and your family 24/7—with medical, dental and vision insurance, wellness incentives, time off, voluntary benefits, and a flexible workplace environment.


Your long-term financial health is about more than a regular paycheck, so we offer a variety of programs to help you build your financial security throughout your career and into retirement. Depending on where you work, this includes Employee Stock Purchase programs (ESPP), retirement savings programs, equity grants, and long-term income protection programs such as disability and life insurance.

Diversity is more than just

Race, Gender and Ethnicity

We believe diversity is more than just race, gender and ethnicity: it’s about creating an environment where every culture, language, age, sexual orientation, disability, background, and experience is celebrated.

Inclusion Around The World

Here are a few of the things NortonLifeLock is doing to actively promote and support diversity and inclusion around the world:

Attract Diverse Talent

Attract, retain and develop diverse employees

Ensure Inclusivity

Ensure an inclusive experience for our employees, customers and value chain

Invest in the Future

Invest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education to increase the pipeline of diverse technology talent

Global Equality

Promote equality on a global level

Engage Leadership

Engage leadership in diversity planning

Equal Opportunities

Design talent development opportunities for women and under-represented minorities

Expand bias training for recruiters, HR business partners, and people managers

Design inclusive and objective hiring processes

Expand and measure outreach efforts in communities of underrepresented groups

Track diversity metrics on a more consistent basis and share progress with company leaders


Our Employee Resource Groups (ERG’S) play an important role in delivering on our diversity and inclusion strategies. ERGs help to build cultural awareness and a sense of belonging for our employees. They serve as ambassadors in the broader community, volunteering and advocating on issues. ERGs help to foster innovation and support the growth of NortonLifeLock's business.

Women's Action Network

WAN is a networking forum for the women and men at NortonLifeLock intended to help support and encourage female employees achieve their potential. WAN accomplishes this by building a positive work environment, supporting women to become more visible leaders, creating and providing access to best practices, peer mentoring and capability building. By focusing on growth, learning and networking, WAN enhances NortonLifeLock's reputation as a great place to work for women.


Pride engages in activities designed to promote equality, cultural sensitivity, and social networking for NortonLifeLock employees. Pride strives to help make NortonLifeLock a great place to work by fostering LGBT awareness and learning, improving our cultural competence, and engaging employees.

Black Employee Resource Group

BER's mission is to create, develop and maintain a dynamic environment whereby black employees can cultivate and grow their professional careers in alignment with NortonLifeLock's Core Values, thereby positively enhancing NortonLifeLock's ability to win in the market place.

Hispanic Outreach & Leadership Affinity Group

The Hispanic Outreach, Leadership & Advancement (HOLA) employee resource group is a forum for NortonLifeLock employees to support the recruiting, retention, and advancement for Hispanic professionals.

New & Aspiring Professionals

NAP's mission is to provide a forum for NortonLifeLock employees to support new recruiting, retention, and advancement of young professionals. We will accomplish this by identifying new sources to recruit from and creating an environment that will promote NortonLifeLock as an employer of choice for young professionals.

Veteran Employees and Troop Support

VETS's mission is to support the efforts of our employees who have served our country and to make sure we value their unique experience. VETS strives to assist veterans and military spouses in their transition to the corporate environment.

ABLED is the NortonLifeLock Disability Allyship Network

We strive to enhance abilities and leverage disabilities through education, outreach, and assistance. We want to drive recruitment, retention, and advancement for people with all types of disabilities, whether visible or invisible.


NortonLifeLock partners with organizations around the world to champion equality and diversity.

Hear What Employees Have To Say