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LEADS - NortonLifeLock Community to Unite & Grow Together

5 "WHYs" to explain my passion for professional growth and community

Every year, the world celebrates awareness days to stimulate Innovation, Learning, Networking, Creativity to recognize and applaud Achievers through:

  • International Networking Week: February 1 to 6
  • International Day for Achievers: March 24
  • World Creativity and Innovation Day: April 21
  • National Online Learning Day: September 15

What is significant about the above dates?

To me, they are critical pillars for personal development and professional success. I have been fortunate to drive such initiatives in my past. Still, I have been seeking new opportunities to get involved, which led me to become one of the Co-Champions of the LEADS (Learn, Educate, Achieve, Develop for Success) Community.

Recently, I received a great leadership lesson. My enlightenment came with a thought: a good CEO may respond to a question with clarifying questions. A good CFO discovers suitable solutions for each question. I understood through this lesson that Innovation is also about how leaders drive change through discernment and how they solve for a positive impact by making informed decisions.

In the spirit of this lesson, I offer my five "WHYs" to explain my passion for professional growth and community.

Q1: Why are Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) important for Innovation?

Inclusion & Diversity is a substantial business value embedded in NortonLifeLock's DNA. NortonLifeLock actively promotes DEI among employees. It raises awareness and fosters an environment that welcomes and embraces different cultures, perspectives, beliefs, and diversity of thought. These differences drive Innovation!

Our seven NortonLifeLock Communities, including LEADS, are great examples of passionate members and Champions helping drive the DEI mission through their work. They support the world around us through partnerships with internal and external stakeholders, despite their everyday workload. I consider our collective contribution being Above & Beyond.

Q2: Why is LEADS one of NortonLifeLock's channels to embrace development?

LEADS, along with the other Communities, also help drive a culture of learning and innovation. We are global and open to all, regardless of age, gender, gender expression, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. LEADS embraces continuous learning and education; we intentionally enrich our interactions by networking. We foster an achievers' culture. We endeavor to leverage the creativity of all members while embracing the growth culture and building best practices. We aim to broaden and deepen the connections across team members within every stage of life and thus champion the culture of Innovation.

Q3: Why is the Community named LEADS?

Six months ago, two Communities, SNAP (new professionals) and WISE (senior professionals), saw an opportunity to merge. In the spirit of Inclusion, my Co-Champion and I surveyed the merging proposal of the two communities broadly to include professionals of all ages and experience levels. Our members shared the new vision, and we rebranded the communities to form LEADS. As mentioned, LEADS stands for LEARN, EDUCATE, ACHIEVE, DEVELOP FOR SUCCESS. We felt like this name reflects our mission the best.

Q4: Why I choose to contribute to LEADS?

LEADS values are the core beliefs I embrace as an Information Technology professional. I think any professional will agree that learning is a must and a part of the journey. We learn unknowingly every day through our experiences. We also dedicate time to educate ourselves and to acquire the expertise to sharpen our skills. Likewise, as a Community Champion, I commit to developing my leadership skills. I also get to meet different people from different fields, which has been my intention. 

Q5: Why should you join a development-oriented Community, such as LEADS?

They provide great opportunities for development in different focus areas. For LEADS, I can state the following:

- LEARNING: We are the channel to voice NortonLifeLock employee learning needs of all kinds – may it be technical or soft skills or aspirational development

- EDUCATION: Being a DEI Community, we participate in educational events for aspiring professionals and youth, thus contributing to external communities where we work and live

- NETWORKING: LEADS Community also aims to bring internal and external networking events to our employees

- MENTORING: We promote NortonLifeLock's Mentorship Program, where mentors and mentees have the opportunity to learn and grow in this two-way path experience

- INNOVATION: Constant ideation, design, and Innovation are vital for growth. We are working on developing an event to embrace an innovative culture

We are part of a fast-paced and innovative industry, where the sky's the limit, with plenty of opportunities. The LEADS Community aspires to grow further, look for new opportunities, and continue making a meaningful impact.

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