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Changes for 2022

Anthem prescriptions with Express Scripts will be replaced by Cigna in 2022.

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Preventive Generic Prescriptions

Preventive generics are covered at a retail pharmacy and Mail Order at 100%. Your pharmacy charges will count toward your out-of-pocket maximum. Regardless of which Anthem medical plan you are enrolled in, you’ll be required to fill your maintenance medications in a 90-day supply using Express Script’s Home Delivery program or at a CVS retail pharmacy.

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Step Therapy Prescription Management Program

All Anthem participants are subject to the Step Therapy Program. The purpose of the program is to encourage you and your physician to choose the most cost-effective, clinically appropriate medication as your first option before other more costly prescription medication options are considered.

The three steps of the Step Therapy program are:

  • Step 1. Generic medication
  • Step 2. Preferred brand medication
  • Step 3. Non-preferred brand medication

The class of medications covered by the Step Therapy program include those used to treat several common medical conditions:

  • Allergy
  • Asthma
  • Bladder problems
  • Cholesterol lowering
  • Depression
  • Heartburn/Ulcer
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Mental Health
  • Narcotic Pain Relievers
  • Non-narcotic Pain Relievers
  • Osteoporosis
  • Skin Conditions
  • Sleep Disorders
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Filling and Refilling Prescriptions

Your prescription drug plan offers services to make obtaining your prescriptions more convenient and inexpensive, depending on your circumstances.

Whether you are viewing the member website or using the Express Scripts mobile app, you can easily manage your prescriptions:

  • Check order status
  • Refill and renew prescriptions
  • Check prices and coverage
  • Find convenient pharmacies
  • View your Rx claims and balances
  • Pay your balance using a variety of payment options
  • View our therapeutic resource center for information

To access the member website…

Log in to (Complete registration if this is your first visit. Be sure to have your member ID or SSN available).

If you have a NEW prescription…

Get Started by contacting your doctor to request a 90-day prescription that he or she can ePrescribe directly to Express Scripts.

Or print a form by selecting “Forms” or “Forms and Cards” from the menu under “Benefits,” print a mail order form and follow the mailing instructions.

Or call Express Scripts and they will contact your doctor for you.

Please allow 10 to 14 days for your first prescription to be shipped.

If you already have a prescription…

Check Order Status online or using the app to view details and track shipping.

Transfer retail prescriptions to home delivery. Just click Add to Cart for eligible prescriptions and check out. Express Scripts will contact your provider on your behalf and take care of the rest. Check Order Status to track your order.

Refill and Renew Prescriptions for yourself and your family while online or while using the app. Just click Add to Cart for eligible prescriptions and check out. Express Scripts will contact your provider on your behalf, if renewals are included, and take care of the rest.

If you would like to set up automatic refills, please follow the instructions in the Automatic Refills Member Guide (pdf).

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