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Introducing “5-Factor Authentication”

Tune in to the new podcast about our constantly evolving relationship with technology

We are so dependent on our phones, our computers, and on all things digital to help us function, make decisions, and achieve our goals. But what is that underlying technology? And who are the  people shaping and influencing our lives in ways that we may not even realize?  

On "5-Factor Authentication," a new podcast sponsored by Norton, I’m exploring these topics and debating with tech insiders and thought leaders about what it means to live a truly digital life. Each episode, we take listeners through each guest’s journey of their success and learn how technology has played a role in their life. We’re also delving into the relationship of humans and technology in the future and how to succeed in a digitally safe way.  

Check out this sneak peek of some of my guests: 

  • Chris Krebs – CBS News Contributor, founding partner of Krebs Stamos Group, and former first director of the federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).  
  • Sheena Allen – founder of Sheena Allen Apps and Capway, a fintech company that connects underserved millennials and Gen Z to today’s cashless economy, Business Insider Under 30 Innovator, Forbes 3030 Under 30, Inc. Magazine 30 Under 30, and Inc. Female Founders 100 list.    
  • Isaac Hayes III – American record producer and voice actor as well as Founder and CEO of Fanbase, a photo, video, audio chat, live streaming and long- form-content app. 

"5-Factor Authentication" is available now on Apple and Spotify. For all the details check out

"5-Factor Authentication" is brought to you by Norton. 

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About the Author

Hill Harper

Host of "5-Factor Authentication"

Hill Harper is a writer and actor. He is known for his roles on “CSI: NY”, “Limitless,” and “The Good Doctor.” He is also the author of the bestseller “Letters to a Young Brother” and founder of The Black Wall Street app.

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