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Watch: SXSW Panel on ‘How the Metaverse Can Rebuild Society, but Better’

A conversation with bright minds from Amazon, The Verge, and Edelman

Norton was proud to be the title sponsor of South by Southwest’s (SXSW) Tech Industry Track, where tech leaders highlighted innovations that will drive the world’s next wave of change.  
Top of the list: the metaverse—the most futuristic iteration of the internet built on augmented and virtual reality to create shared, 3D digital spaces. The metaverse has the power to advance humanity and solve real world problems, but it also has the potential to create new forms of abuse and privacy invasion.  
I led a panel discussion at SXSW 2022 with Aleatha Parker-Wood, principal privacy engineer at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Taj Reid, global chief experience officer at Edelman, and Adi Robertson, senior reporter at The Verge. We shared our perspectives on how regulations and design considerations can ensure the metaverse is built on security, transparency, equity, and inclusion. 
Here is a quick snapshot of our conversation:

  • “In terms of the superpowers that the metaverse may be able to enable, but also this idea of creative expression and connection. That idea of empathy – how do we create systems and accessibility where everyone’s perspective and voice can be heard and they can express that at the highest level? The metaverse offers us opportunities we may not be able to realize in the real world.” – Taj Reid
  • “As we curate reality for people the same way that we have always done, we have the opportunity to curate it in ways that show people that there is more to reality than what they’re seeing.” – Aleatha Parker-Wood
  • "I can think of books that I read as a child that helped me understand the world. Imagine if we could do that better, imagine If we could do more of that through technology. How can we use technology as an accelerator for the good? But also be very candid that if we do it incorrectly, we’re beta testing on a young generation?" – Darren Shou 

For more insights, I invite you to watch the video below to catch the entire panel discussion. 

For more on the metaverse, check out my recent blog post with the latest data about what consumers think about it. And follow along on Norton social media channels for more highlights from SXSW! 

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