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Norton 360 for Gamers Ranks #1 Among Competitors for Improving FPS Performance

PassMark puts Norton Game Optimizer feature to the test, and we have a winner

In gaming, whoever gets the highest score wins. The same is true when it comes to security software for gamers.

That’s why I’m excited about a score that Norton Game Optimizer just achieved. Norton GO is a feature in Norton 360 for Gamers designed to provide gamers the best performance and the smoothest gameplay.

PassMark Software wrapped up performance testing on Norton GO and five competitors that advertise similar game-optimizing features. It compared performance with and without a variety of different background tasks being completed while gaming. The highest possible score was 30, and these are the results.

The overall scores above are only part of the story. Here’s some additional findings:

  • Frames per second (FPS): Norton GO increases FPS up to 30% while downloading and playing games simultaneously, solving gamer’s frustration when having to stop playing their game to allow for a new game to download or an update to be completed.
  • Performance: Norton 360 for Gamers, with Norton GO, does not have any negative impact on gaming performance.

If you’re a gamer — or just happen to be surrounded by them — this is big news. It shows Norton GO allows gamers to experience the best gaming performance possible for their machine without having to compromise their security.

How does Norton GO work?

Slow gameplay means low FPS — short for frames per second — and that means your game slows down because your computer power is getting sucked up by other software and apps.

Norton GO is designed for multi-core CPU PCs. It isolates unessential apps to a single central processing unit core. The rest of the CPUs power your game, and that means better performance.

Norton GO also automatically detects when you are playing a game, removing the additional headache of having to remember to turn the functionality on and off.

Worth noting: You’ll see the greatest performance impact when you’re playing a game and using resources in the background.

Why is this important?

It’s no secret that gamers worry antivirus software will have a negative impact on gaming performance.

The good news? Norton 360 for Gamers provides security without slowing down gameplay. And, gamers, that just might lead you to a higher score.

For more, check out the PassMark report: Norton 360 for Gamers Game Optimization Testing.

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