CW Hobbs

CW Hobbs manages the on-premise computer lab in MVC, personal workstations and other DevOps tasks. The MVC lab consists of about 70 servers, more than 3 PetaBytes of data, and a big VMware vSphere cluster. The lab is accessed globally by members of the research team.

CW received a B.A. in Physics from Grinnell College, with a second major in Physiological Psychology (completed but undeclared). After Grinnell, went to a master's program in Computer Science at the University of Iowa. He then joined Digital Equipment Corporation as one of the early members of the VAXcluster software engineering team. While at Digital, he spent eight years in Geneva at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) doing advance research and development on the computer systems being designed for LHC.

After Geneva CW relocated to the Bay Area to work with Digital's Silicon Valley projects. After a couple of mergers and upheavals at Digital, he started with Veritas in 2001.