Our Vision is to protect and empower people to live their digital lives safely.

Our Mission is to build a comprehensive and easy-to-use integrated portfolio that prevents, detects, and responds to cyberthreats and cybercrimes in today’s digital world.

Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

NortonLifeLock management team profiles, including Corporate Executives and the Board of Directors.

Our Commitments

Our Commitments

We bring together our people, passions, and powerful technology to support social and environmental priorities that foster a safer and more sustainable future for consumers, their digital information, and the world.

Our Insights

Our Insights

We continue to examine the impact of cybercrime, consumers’ online behaviors and their online security, privacy and identity concerns.


We are inspired by the people we help protect.

Our technology is powered by a team of experienced experts dedicated to staying a step ahead of what’s next. Above all, we are inspired by the people we help protect. Our vast portfolio of products and services are developed from consumer insights creating real solutions to real problems.


Total threats blocked in 100 days


Phishing attempts blocked on average monthly*


Malware blocked on average monthly*


Patents worldwide

*Based on the last 100 days.

Consumer Cyber Safety Pulse Report

The Norton Labs team gathers more than just data. The team also investigates threats that exist outside the view of most consumers. Like what? Here are three examples of unseen threats, based on Norton Labs research. Learn how they work, and how you can avoid them. See these three threats that our team uncovered below as part of the latest Consumer Cyber Safety Pulse Report.

  1. Encrypted chat marketplaces: Your mainstream app could take a dark-web turn.
  2. Online tracking and cookies: You know you’re being followed, but not like this.
  3. Gaming threats—vulnerable drivers: How gamers can lose their "edge" fast.

Read our full report to learn more about other cyberthreats the Norton Labs team continues to discover.


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