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Dental Plans

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Vision Plans

Vision Service Plan (VSP) is a nationwide leader in vision care benefits. NortonLifelock offers two VSP plans:
VSP 1.0 Plan

  • $25 annual deductible
  • Exams each calendar year
  • One set of frames every other calendar year, one set of lenses each year or one set of contacts each calendar year in lieu of frames

VSP 2.0 Plan

  • $10 annual deductible
  • Exams each calendar year
  • One set of frames every calendar year, Two sets of lenses each calendar year or two sets of contacts each calendar year in lieu of lenses and frames
  • Fully covered custom or premium progressive lenses, light-reactive lenses, or anti-glare coating each calendar year
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Wellness Programs

  • Best Doctors Second Opinion Service
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Wellness/Fitness Reimbursement
  • Seasonal Flu Shots
  • Tobacco-free Workplace
  • Weight Management Programs
  • On-Site Fitness Centers
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Spending Accounts

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Income Replacement

  • Short Term Disability: 100% of your on-target earnings (OTE) for weeks 1-8 and 75% of base salary for weeks 9-26
  • Long Term Disability: After 26 weeks of Short Term Disability you may be eligible to receive 60% of your OTE

These percentages include state disability benefits where applicable.

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Insurance Plans

  • Employee Basic Life Insurance
  • Employee Optional Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • Spouse Life Insurance
  • Child Life Insurance
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401(k) Savings Plan

NortonLifelock's 401(k) plan offers flexibility and a company match. NortonLifelock provides a competitive company matching contribution of 50% of the first 7% of pay that you contribute, with a maximum company contribution of $6,000 annually. Your total match will not exceed 3% of total compensation.

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Time Off

  • Paid Time Off (PTO): Non-exempt employees below grade 12 may take 20-30 days off annually, based on length of service.
  • My Time Off (MTO): Exempt employees grade 12 and above and employees that are exempt are eligible for MTO. You may take time off as reasonably needed, subject to prior approval.
  • Public Holidays: Employees receive 12 paid holidays per year
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Work-Life Benefits