Time Off

NortonLifelock recognizes that individuals need time off from work to recover from illness, handle family emergencies or take care of personal business and time off to celebrate designated holidays without the loss of salary. Additionally, we encourage employees to take vacation time to "recharge."

Paid Time Off (PTO) - Non-Exempt Employees

PTO available to non-exempt employees. It is accrued semi-monthly -- beginning with an employee's date of employment -- and is based on the employee's length of service with NortonLifelock. For non-exempt full-time employees, PTO is accrued at the following rates:

Years of Service

Annual Days Annual Hours
Less than one year 20 160
One to two years 20
Two to three years 20
Three to four years 20 160
Four to five years 21 168
After five years 25 200
Ten years or more 30 240

Non-exempt employees working less than 40 hours per week will accrue PTO on a pro-rated basis based on the standard hours worked per week.